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Home grown french apples

Gowers - Packers - Exporters

Harmonie is a leading company in export of French fruits all over the world. Belonging to growers, Harmonie is dedicated since more than fifteen years to supply best quality fruits.  

Our orchard : our treasure

The quality of our fruits starts with the way we care our orchard, by having a complete control of production. With more than 5000 acres based in three main French production areas, Harmonie ensure a constant and regular supply year after year. (Photo ©Mylord’)

Our Varieties

Our production is more than 130,000 tons/year with fifteen different varieties. Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Jazz, Pink Lady or Ariane, each one are grown with the same care, in the most adapted areas.

Our packinghouses

Stay at the forefront of technology is vital for our business : fruit preservation, categorial pre-sizing, computerized coloration grading, productivity improvement, and so more.

Harmonie quality

Our main aim since fifteen years : QUALITY! This results in a limitless involvement from our growers and all our quality process staff for exporting the best fruits in the best conditions.

Our brands

Five brands for five continents , but the same HARMONIE touch:  best quality fruits , secure supply controlled by professionals from orchards to your warehouse.

This is our conception of “French Home Grown Apple”