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Harmonie : a leading company in French fruit export



Growers – Packers – Exporters

Harmonie is owned by its producers since its birth, more than fifteen years ago, and this is our greatest asset !

From orchards to the departure port, we control the whole fruit process. Today , Harmonie represents nearly 5,000 acres of orchards or a potential of 130,000 tons. Harmonie growers are first of all specialized in apples with supplements in pears, plums, melon and kiwi.



 Our packinghouses : full new technologies to ensure a regular quality

Our packinghouses are the most advanced :

  • Quality grade pre-sizing
  • Computerized coloration grading
  • Last modern packing chains with computerized control for a permanent care of productivity
  • Very large packaging solutions
  • Laboratory for analysis with full modern equipment


Our Orchards : three production areas but the same complete control of production

carteOur orchards are located in the three main French production area.

  • SOUTH-EAST, for its early beginning of season, Granny Smith quality and altitude Golden (Alps mountain)
  • SOUTH-WEST, for its fruit coloration and fertil land
  • LOIRE VALLEY, for its long season, very good fruit preservation potential and also fruit coloration

We constantly stay in technological and cultural watch, trying to produce everyday better fruit with effective sustainable management. Continue renewal varieties is a central requirement.